Cruise Day 7: Always the Worst Day of a Cruise

The last day of a cruise can be a bit of a bummer. We’d had a lot of fun and we didn’t want it to end. The prospect of returning to a Pittsburgh December was unappealing, to say the least. That being said, we were determined to have as much fun as possible on our last day of vacation.

We enjoyed sleeping in one last time and ate our latest breakfast of the trip at about 10:00. Before heading up to the buffet though, we had to decide what to do with last night’s towel animal, which was a pig. I came up with a completely logical idea and we left the pig sitting on the couch, reading the room service menu.

A towel animal in the shape of a pig.
No cruise towel animal ever captured my essence quite like this one.

We had intended to swim one last time, but the weather, for the only time this cruise, didn’t cooperate. It was overcast and cool, so we decided to skip our last swim and just enjoy some quiet reading time in our favorite outdoor seating spot behind the buffet.

We read and relaxed until lunch. After eating, we popped in the shops on deck five, hoping to find some last day deals on souvenirs. No such luck, unfortunately, but we still ended up buying a Serenade shot glass and coffee mug.

We had one more goal to achieve before the end of the cruise: finally win at trivia. Luckily, we had one last opportunity on the final afternoon. This particular trivia game was 80s name that tune and, lucky for us, Kathleen is an 80s music maven. We finally tasted sweet victory and got some Royal Caribbean visors as prizes.

But that was only the start of our lucky afternoon. After trivia, we decided to stick around and play bingo. Kathleen and I never came close to winning, but MIL and FIL not only won the first game (worth about $150), but they also tied during the last game, which was for the free cruise. Unfortunately, they lost the tie breaker, but it was still a wild, adrenalin-filled ride.

Flushed with excitement from winning at trivia and bingo (not to mention several mojitos), we went up to the buffet for one last trip to the grilled meat station. After a leisurely dinner, we decided to head down to the theater to watch the farewell show.

The show was just okay. For some reason, the worst of the four singers was the one featured, but the oddest part was the Cruise Director’s strange spiel about how lucky we all are to be able to take nice vacations. He went on about how only a small percentage of people have the resources to provide for themselves and most people around the world lack healthcare and food, etc. I think he meant it to be uplifting—like, aren’t we lucky we have all those things and we should be grateful—but it came off very weird. I didn’t need to be reminded that I’m lucky enough to be able to go on vacation and that I live a good life. Just an unappealing way to end the cruise, in my opinion.

MIL and FIL decided to call it a night, but we wanted to enjoy a couple more last-night drinks. We headed up to Rita’s for one more margarita and then we walked up to the Vortex to say goodbye to DJ Phil. We got back to the room around 11:00 and, wanting to enjoy one last meal onboard, we ordered some room service. Reluctantly, we then got in bed, knowing we’d be off the ship and on our way home in just a few hours.

Up next: flying back to Pittsburgh…or are we?


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