Cruise Day 6: An All-Inclusive Day in Cozumel

A towel animal in the shape of a man
Antonio’s latest towel creation.

We got up early the morning of our day in Cozumel, as we wanted to have as much time in port as possible. We were super excited for our day at an all-inclusive resort.

The resort we chose was the Nachi Cocom Beach Club. This resort got such positive reviews online that I felt very confident when we decided to book it about eight months in advance of the cruise. They only allow 100 people in each day, so we booked very early to be safe.

Since we wanted to be nice and hungry when we arrived, we decided to skip breakfast. We dressed in our swimming attire, and after tucking the towel animal we’d received the night before into bed, we headed off the ship.

We made a quick stop to buy a shot glass, but we made it out to the line of taxis in about 15 minutes. We had a nice, quiet cab ride out to Nachi. The trip took about 15 minutes and cost $20 each way, including tip.

We were greeted immediately upon stepping out of the taxi and, after stopping for a photo, we were escorted to check-in. After paying the remainder of what we owed—day passes are $55 each—we were brought to our own loungers on the beach. Each set of loungers is well separated from the others, so the beach felt very quiet. We were introduced to our waiter for the day and we grabbed our first drink, a delicious margarita.

As we enjoyed the drink and the ocean, we looked over to the loungers nearest ours and saw our friends from the Cruise Critic Meet and Mingle, Celeste and Ben and their son Noah. We hung out with them throughout the day and had a fantastic time chatting and drinking together.

One margarita down, we decided to take our first dip in the ocean. The beach was beautiful—not a rock to be found. There was a little seaweed, but nothing too unpleasant.

After about twenty minutes of swimming in the ocean, we headed over to the pool where I fulfilled a life-long dream by ordering a drink from the swim-up bar. A margarita on the beach is great, but a margarita in a pool is even better.

Since we skipped breakfast, we decided to start on an early lunch. We ordered various dishes, including a fantastic ceviche and the largest shrimp I’ve ever eaten. I’d post photos, except we were too busy stuffing our faces to remember to snap any.

Over the next few hours we fell in to a rhythm: eat some food (and have a drink); swim in the ocean; swim in the pool (and have a drink at the swim-up bar); and repeat. It was, without a doubt, one of my favorite days ever and the highlight of our cruise.

At about 3:00 we asked our waiter to call us a taxi and within about 5 minutes we were heading back to the ship. We got back to our room and showered and changed for dinner, which we were going to have in the main dining room for the one and only time this cruise.

We met up with MIL and FIL at 6:00 and were seated right away. Service in the dining room was excellent, though we were given a bit of grief about not coming in for dinner all week. The food must have been average though, as I have no recollection of anything we consumed.

With no after-dinner trivia on the schedule, we decided to take an evening swim. Unfortunately, the seas were a bit rougher than they’d been previously, so the ship’s motion, plus the swimming, made Kathleen a bit seasick. We went back to the cabin so she could lie down and we spent a quiet night watching TV programs in other languages. We really enjoyed watching one of our favorite shows, Parks and Recreation, in German.

Up Next in cruise day 7: the final day of the cruise.


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