Cruise Day 3: Destination Relaxation

We managed to get out of bed a little earlier than the previous day, getting to breakfast by about 9:00. After having our fill of eggs and waffles, we headed up to the arcade for another cruise tradition: Kathleen mercilessly beating me at air-hockey. We needed a twelve-year-old to show us how to turn the table on, but we soon got it up and running and I proceeded to lose spectacularly.

We really lucked out with the weather on this cruise. With the exception of our last day at sea, the days were sunny and warm. We decided to take advantage of this by doing some more swimming.

Since we swam in the Solarium the day before, we decided to try out the main pool. Even on a sea day, at 11:00 in the morning, with sunny skies, the pool was very quiet. The water was cold, but it felt good in the hot sun. We spent a fun few hours switching between pools, sipping drinks on loungers, and generally loving life.

Eventually, feeling a little sunned-out, we headed inside to shower and change. We then headed up to the buffet, but not for food. We grabbed a drink at Rita’s and headed to the buffet’s outdoor seating area. Plenty of tables were available and we spent a very comfortable hour or so reading and watching the wake of the ship trail off in the distance. This was my favorite place on the ship and we returned to enjoy it often.

That night at dinner I discovered something delicious that I somehow missed on our previous cruise. At the back of the buffet there’s a station where they do made-to-order grilled meats. Most nights were small steaks or chicken breasts, but I saw several pork options throughout the cruise. After this discovery, I pretty much gave up on the rest of the buffet for repeated, very yummy trips to the meat grilling station (along with a healthy portion of those amazing cheesy rolls).

Still aglow following my meaty discovery, we popped over to Rita’s to pick up a couple margaritas to take to the evening show. For some odd reason, the night was packed with activities at the theater. First, the musical revue Vibology, followed by the Love and Marriage Show, and lastly a comedy show by Chas Burnett. I don’t know why so much entertainment was stacked one after another all on one night, but if you wanted to enjoy all three shows, as we did, you were in the theater from 8:30 until about 11:30.

The musical revue was standard Royal Caribbean entertainment, featuring a selection of songs from the 60s through the 80s. Some of the songs were repeats from the show the night before, but it was still overall an enjoyable show.

The Love and Marriage Show was very funny. Weirdly, they kept score throughout the game, but no prize was given to the winning couple at the end.

We stuck around for the comedy show which, while not as funny as his bit during the welcome show, was still enjoyable.

After a quick stop at Park Café for a hotdog and some nachos, we decided to rest up before our first port stop the following day and headed off to sleep.

Up next in cruise day 4: a tour of the Good Hope Estate and a delicious lunch.


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