Cruise to Bermuda 2018

Plus Two Days in New York City

By Paul

A view of Bermuda from aboard the Norwegian Escape Cruise Ship

September of 2018 found us in a unique position: we wanted to take a cruise, but we wanted to do something other than the Caribbean, which had become rather familiar after cruising there four of the previous five years. We also didn’t have the time for a longer journey to Europe, so we explored some different options closer to home.

We settled on a seven-night cruise to Bermuda on one of Norwegian’s newest mega ships, the Escape. As an extra bonus, the cruise was out of New York, which saved us the hassle of flying.

Read on as we discover a new beautiful destination, enjoy the single best cruise ship for food we’ve ever encountered, and see just how much New York pizza we could squeeze in our bellies in a single day.

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