Day 4

Wherein we skip Harvest Caye

Loungers in the Haven pool aboard the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship

We visited Harvest Caye soon after it opened back in 2016, and we found it pretty lacking. The pool is impressive (maybe the largest I’ve ever seen), but the beach was rocky, and the other offerings held little appeal.

So instead of leaving the ship and spending time with the masses, we again stayed onboard and enjoyed some quiet time. That morning’s Haven breakfast was another omelet for me, and the Huevos Rancheros for Kathleen, which she says was a true standout.

We wanted to take advantage of another quiet morning at Spice H20, but the weather was too overcast and breezy to make the grotto an appealing option. Instead, we went to the warm spa where we were literally the only two people.

The Haven courtyard was also a ghost town (ghost ship?). We spent a lovely few hours with the pool and hot tubs to ourselves. I alternated between the cozy warmth of the hot tub and the freezing death of the pool—what a way to feel alive.

We revisited Margaritaville for lunch, because while Kathleen hates Jimmy Buffet, the food can’t be denied. This time I had the fish sandwich, which while not quite as good as the Volcano Burger, is still a worthwhile option. Kathleen had the fish tacos, which were also quite good. She did, however, bite in to a roasted jalapeno which she said was the spiciest thing she’d ever eaten (and she eats a lot of spicy foods).

We spent the afternoon lounging and reading in the Haven courtyard. When it was too sunny up on deck 17, we enjoyed lying on the long bench loungers along the sides of the courtyard. The benches were soft, had pillows, and, most importantly, were shaded! They really made the non-Haven loungers elsewhere on the ship seem like garbage by comparison.

We eventually made it back to our cabin to find Joseph’s afternoon treat (chocolate-covered strawberries). I also took a turn in the in-room hot tub, which was very relaxing (I need a lot of relaxing after a hard day of relaxing).

Inside Le Bistro aboard the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship
Inside one of our favorite restaurants at sea, Le Bistro.

We ended up taking a nap (again, we’re old). We woke up shortly before our 8:30 dinner reservation at Le Bistro, but I was feeling slightly nap sick. There must be something about having a reservation at Le Bistro that makes us not feel 100%, as Kathleen also felt crappy before our Le Bistro reservation on our last cruise.

The French onion soup at Le Bistro aboard the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship
French onion soup better than any I’ve had, even in Paris!
The filet at Le Bistro aboard the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship
Forget the steakhouse, the best steak aboard the Norwegian Getaway is at Le Bistro.

I powered through though, and we enjoyed a delicious meal, including my favorite French onion soup anywhere (and I tried three versions in Paris back in November, but none came close). Kathleen also ordered the filet with peppercorn sauce, which, in my opinion, was the best steak we had that week.

The coq au vin at Le Bistro aboard the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship
Some uninspiring coq right here.

My coq au vin was decent, but forget the stupid chicken and go straight for the steak. Trust me. The chocolate fondue for dessert was also good, but it was served room temperature, which I thought was weird. If that fondue came piping hot it would have been unstoppable.

The chocolate fondue at Le Bistro aboard the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship
Fondue better, NCL!

Because I was still feeling kind of meh, we decided to just relax in our cabin for the duration of the evening. We were getting off the ship the next day, after all, and we needed to gear ourselves up for that.

Up next, Day 5 – Finally, something other than the spa and Haven courtyard.


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