Richmond Day 4

A picture of a building with a face coming out of it in Richmond, Virginia
What the holy hell!?

By Saturday, we’d reached the cruel realizations portion of our trip. Realization 1: we had to return home the next day. Realization 2: we are getting old and late night gorging means cranky stomachs and acid indigestion the next day. So we decided to lay low, swimming, reading, and generally avoiding the sun.

We did stop at Lulu’s for a very lackluster brunch. At one time considered one of the best brunch spots in Richmond, this place majorly underwhelmed. My eggs Florentine benedict was overwhelmed by thick slices of too salty country ham and greasy pimento cheese; Paul enjoyed his fried chicken but it sat atop a doughy, leaden biscuit so tough you could use it as a coaster.

The inside of Brenner Pass in Richmond, Virginia

For dinner, we had reservations at Brenner Pass, an Alpine-inspired menu and a décor marked by cold, industrial bleakness that feels quintessentially Ikea. The wine we enjoyed with dinner—an excellent Gamay by Andre and Michel Quenard—helped make the meal a standout, as did the delicious cheese and charcuterie board (especially the house-made sauccison sec and the Beaufort D’Alpage aged 2 years from Savoie, France cheese), the broccolini and bagna cauda, and Paul’s decadent fondue burger and cheese and bacon layered tartiflette.

Charcuterie board at Brenner Pass in Richmond, Virginia
Richmond: the land of a thousand charcuterie boards.
The fondue burger at Brenner Pass in Richmond, Virginia
The person who came up with the idea to put fondue on a burger is an evil genius.

The one downside was my anchovy butter gnocchi which was marked by gummy, bloated pasta lumps and a sauce without any of the salty umami you expect from anchovy. Pasta seems to be the one thing Richmond can’t handle.

We capped our day with a long, hot, sweaty trek to pick up cider at our favorite haunts, Buskey and Blue Bee, to take home. Saddened that tomorrow marked our return to reality, we toasted a spectacular trip back at the hotel bar with two bourbon and blood orange cocktails.

The next morning we packed up our belongings, knowing our time as 1%ers had come to an end. We lugged our own bags to check out, hauled our own ice to the cooler to pack up our cider, and even suffered the indignity of driving our own car to breakfast.

Breakfast biscuit sandwich at Lunch.Supper! in Richmond, Virginia
Thankfully able to extend our consecutive days eating pimento cheese to four. Will be even more, next time.

Since we’d fallen so hard for Lunch.Supper! we returned for brunch where we had the comforting realization that even though a magnificent vacation was nearly at an end, our future still held many quality biscuits, Taylor ham, and pimento cheese to enjoy.

This is the end of our long holiday weekend in Richmond, Virginia. To check out more of our travels, head back to our Travel Page!

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