A Holiday Weekend in Richmond, Virginia | July, 2019

By Kathleen

A view of Richmond, Virginia at dusk

Last week I fell in love. I didn’t expect it. She was supposed to be a Fourth of July dalliance. Yet after five short days in her company, uprooting my entire life–quitting my job, packing up my belongings, moving to be with her—seems like the only sane course of action. My time with her reminded me of what life could be like—unfettered, creative, passionate. She’s not bound by the corporate 9-5; she’s working her day job as a barista all the while planning to open her own patisserie. A Southern charmer with a complicated history, she’s now fiercely democratic and egalitarian in her vision. Thankfully, my marriage remains intact because Paul too is smitten with the same belle of the South who captured my heart. Our new mistress, you ask?

Why, Richmond. Richmond, VA.

When work gave an impromptu Friday off for the 4th of July, we decided to carpe fridayum and head to a city we’d never visited. An article in Bon Appetit, Where to Eat in Richmond, America’s Next Great Restaurant-Obsessed Town, sold Richmond as the perfect short getaway—roughly two hours from NOVA and brimming with restaurants and cideries—traveling there was a no brainer.

So check out the below pages as we recount our discovery of the best places to eat and drink in Richmond, one of our new favorite food cities!

2 Comments on “A Holiday Weekend in Richmond, Virginia | July, 2019”

  1. Absolutely enjoyed (vicariously) dining and drinking with you both this trip! But we’ll just agree to disagree when it comes to partaking of pimento cheese ! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I only recently joined team pimento. I tried it a couple times over the last year or so and thought it was good, but it wasn’t until Richmond that I came to be obsessed!



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