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Our Epic Meal at St. Anselm, One of D.C.’s Hottest Restaurants

We’ve watched Top Chef for years, all the while hoping we’d one day get to taste some of the offerings by our various favorite contestants. That day finally happened a couple months ago when we dined at one of D.C.’s hottest restaurants,… Read More

Before Our Trip to Spain, We Feast on Tapas Closer to Home

We may have a new favorite restaurant in D.C. Hyperbole? Maybe—we do have a tendency to get swept up in the joy of new discoveries. If not our absolute favorite though, Boqueria is still really, really good. We visited their newly-opened Penn… Read More

An Ode to Barbuto

I recently found out that my favorite restaurant in the entire world, Barbuto in New York City, is closing. My heart weeps, my soul has been torn asunder, and my tummy is downright depressed. Barbuto was where I first tasted my all-time… Read More