A Richmond Biscuit Battle — Salt and Forge vs. The Fancy Biscuit

By Kathleen

The outside of Salt and Forge in Richmond, Virginia
Biscuit Battle Competitor Number 1: Salt and Forge
Outside of the Fancy Biscuit in Richmond, Virginia
Biscuit Battle Competitor Number 2: The Fancy Biscuit

With strong roots in Southern cooking, Richmond is a biscuit town. The options are limitless. We’d already consumed biscuits at Lulu’s and Lunch.Supper!, so we decided to set our sights on other top contenders. Using the handy RVA Biscuit Bracket: The Best Biscuit in Richmond 2018 conducted by the blog As Told Over Brunch, we were quickly able to identify our top biscuit competitors. Prepare to enter the Mad Max Thunderdom of biscuit battles—two biscuits enter; one biscuit leaves!

The Competitors

Inside Salt and Forge in Richmond, Virginia
Inside Salt and Forge.

Salt and Forge—Located right near our hotel in Jackson Ward is brash young upstart Salt and Forge. It’s home to sandwiches, beer and wine, and gluten free baked goods. But we don’t have time for any of that jazz. We’re here for biscuits. Plain and simple.

The interior is lean and mean with a nod to Scandinavian design—clean lines, knotty woods, and touches of dark grey.

Inside of the Fancy Biscuit in Richmond, Virginia
Inside The Fancy Biscuit

The Fancy Biscuit—Our seasoned competitor, The Fancy Biscuit, can be found on West Cary Street. Don’t be deceived by the homespun folksy charm of this little beauty with its flower adorned counter and whimsical twinkle light festooned walls—with her expansive menu featuring sides, signature biscuit creations, and pies, this little biscuit is in it to win it. Lines of people circle her tiny entrance and to draw such crowds it’s clear she’s got a Don King-like promoter playing hype man.

The Sandwiches

A biscuit sandwich at Salt and Forge in Richmond, Virginia
No clue what they’re doing with the forge, but they’ve nailed the salt part.

In one corner, we have Salt and Forge weighing in at a hefty heavy weight size! Only by cutting it in half were we able to get this monster biscuit in to make its weight class. Stuffed with a handmade sausage patty flecked with sage and fennel, blanketed in gooey American cheese and cradling a fried egg, this golden brown and delicious biscuit behemoth is a sight to behold. The biscuit is savory without being overbearingly salty when topped with meats and cheeses. Firm on the outside, baked to a crusty perfection, the inside remained moist.

A biscuit sandwich from The Fancy Biscuit in Richmond, Virginia
Not so fancy, and, unfortunately, not much of a biscuit.

In the opposing corner, The Fancy Biscuit’s offering comes in as a weak flyweight. What this biscuit made up for in loft (Salt and Forge’s biscuit didn’t have much rise), it lacked in flavor and tender crumb. Texturally similar to a dense bun, lacking all trace of salt or butter, its sausage also didn’t have the peppery, herby punch of Salt and Forge’s patty and the white cheddar failed in sharp tang and meltability.


With no need to go into extra rounds, Salt and Forge served The Fancy Biscuit a TKO, dominating the competition and ensuring we’ll be spending future biscuit runs at Salt and Forge.

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