Quarantine Cooking: Savory Dutch Baby

Dutch Baby
*Linda Belcher voice* Awww, little Dutch Baby!!!

Like so many others, we’ve been spending our time in quarantine cooking up a storm. I mean, what the hell else are we going to do, exercise? Hahahahahahahaha.

Kathleen has really used this quarantine to take her cooking to the next level. We’ll be sharing her successes here on this site, as soon as I can fight through my inate laziness and actually commit to writing it all down. It’s far easier to, you know, just eat it.

One of the first things Kathleen made back when this all started was a delicious savory Dutch Baby. We had it for dinner, but feel free to make it for breakfast, brunch, or even a midnight snack. Time has lost all meaning now anyway, may as well embrace the new normal.

To learn how to make this cheesy masterpiece, check out the recipe right here!

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Take a Luxury Cruise and Ruin All Future Regular Cruises

The bed and in-room hot tub in the Haven Spa Suite on the Norwegian Getaway Cruise Ship
Is that an in-room hot tub? Why, yes, yes it is!

First off, my apologies for the months and months with no new postings here—I’m sure you’ve all been absolutely despondent without our regular updates. Some health challenges, job changes, and general laziness on my part have all contributed to our massive slowdown. But we’ve still been traveling, and we’ve damn sure still been eating, so we have plenty of content for you to enjoy. I will (try to) do better from here on out.

Our first post after a three-month dry spell should be epic, and believe me, it is that. In January of 2019, we splurged on a cruise in Norwegian’s ultra-luxurious Haven ship-within-a-ship experience. The perks were many, including that insane in-cabin hot tub pictured above. Did it spoil us for all future non-Haven cruises? Hell, yes. But it was so, so worth it!

So if you’d like to see what luxury cruising is all about (we even had a butler!), check out our full review of our favorite cruise ever by clicking right here!

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Halloween in Georgetown at Filomena Ristorante

The cannoli at Filomena Ristorante in Washington, D.C.
The incredible cannoli at Filomena Ristorante.

Yes, I know this should have been posted several weeks ago when it was actually Halloween. For one, we’ve been traveling, and for two, I’ve been lazy. In any case, we’re back at it now.

We’d been meaning to try Filomena for some time, thanks in large part to friends of ours who are absolutely obsessed with the place. They made it sound so good we knew we’d have to try it eventually, but getting out to Georgetown can be such a pain in the ass. Thankfully, last month we finally managed it, and it was definitely worth the effort.

Let me tell you something, though: when you go, prepare to eat! I left this meal feeling more full than I’ve felt after any meal my entire life. We didn’t even order a ton, but the portion sizes were just out of control! As for the quality, we enjoyed everything, with the exception of the red sauce. It was wayyyyyy too sweet, and I would order pretty much any non-tomato-based sauce instead on future visits.

But, holy shit, their desserts are totally insane. Do. Not. Skip. Dessert! The next time we visit we will probably split an entrée just to be sure we both have room to eat as much dessert as possible.

To read our full review, and to check out just how much they decorated for Halloween, click right here!

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We’ve Found the Best Damned Bakery in America (and Possibly the World)

The chocolate funfetti cake at Shyndigz in Richmond, Virginia
This cake will blow your mind and change your life.

Let me just start by saying, I am not a dessert guy. I rarely leave enough room at the end of the meal, and I’ve never quite enjoyed sweet things as much as savory ones. So, when I tell you that we’ve found the best fucking bakery in America, and the cakes there will melt your mind and make you explode with joy, you can believe that this place must be damned good.

I’m talking about Shyndigz in Richmond, Virginia. Have we become a bit Richmond obsessed recently? Yes. But in our defense, the food there is out of this freaking world good. And the baked goods at Shyndigz might be the absolute best of them all. And for me to say that, given my admitted dessert apathy, is truly saying something.

Of all the restaurants I’d like to see open up locations near us, Shyndigz would be at the top of my list. I can’t fucking wait to go back to Richmond just to try more of their life changing cakes. Until then, I’ll have to content myself with reliving the memory of our first experience there last month. You can relive that experience too by checking out our review of this absolute gem right here!

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Brave the Crowds and Try This Busy Italian Restaurant in Richmond

Pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe at Edo's Squid in Richmond, Virginia
Homemade pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe at Edo’s Squid in Richmond, Virginia.

If you visit this site, you know we’ve been on a bit of a Richmond kick recently. Our first visit back in July was eye-opening, and our second visit a few weeks ago was, if anything, even better.

During our most recent visit, between all the biscuit eating, not to mention our return visit to our favorite Richmond restaurant, we had an urge to, I know this is crazy…eat something other than Southern food! I love pimento cheese as much or more than the next guy, but sometimes a man needs a break, you know? With that in mind, we turned our attention toward other cuisines, and we of course landed on Italian.

I haven’t experienced enough of Richmond’s Italian restaurants to say that Edo’s squid is the best in town. I’m guessing, though, that some Richmonders would, as the place was absolutely slammed on the evening we visited. We were not put off by the crowds, and we squeezed ourselves into the tiny restaurant and ordered a not-so-tiny amount of delicious food. Homemade pastas? Check. Huge pile of veal short ribs? Oh, hell yes. The meal was damn good, and it made for a great break from the Southern standouts we enjoyed elsewhere. To read all about our Italian feast at Edo’s Squid, check out our full review right here!

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Our Attempt to Find the Best Biscuit in Richmond

A biscuit sandwich at Salt and Forge in Richmond, Virginia
That’s a hot little biscuit!

In a great Southern food city like Richmond, you’d expect it would be easy to find a quality biscuit. We sampled several during our first trip to Richmond, but none of the biscuits we tried were particularly satisfying. Our second trip, we decided, would be a different story.

Prior to our most recent visit, Kathleen found an article detailing several of the best biscuits in Richmond. Because we had limited time and belly space, we chose to conduct a head-to-head battle between the top two favorite biscuit places, Salt and Forge and The Fancy Biscuit. The fact that we had plenty to drink the evening prior made this biscuit taste test all the more delicious. To read all about our Richmond biscuit battle and to find out which biscuit we chose as Richmond’s best, check out our review right here!

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It’s Finally Time to Talk About Our Favorite Restaurant in D.C.

A selection of stone crab claws at Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab in Washington, D.C.

Before starting this website and subsequently posting our every food thought for all to read, we’d regularly field the question, “so what’s your favorite restaurant in D.C.?” Up until last year, we didn’t have a clear answer. But we do now; unequivocally, and without reservation. The answer? Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab!

Despite living in South Florida for the majority of my life, I’d somehow missed out on visiting the famed Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami. Even crazier, I’d also missed out on simply eating stone crab (a Florida classic) at any establishment. It took living in the D.C. area, in close proximity to a Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab location, for me to finally get in touch with my Floridian roots, in the most delicious way possible. Joe’s has become our go-to restaurant for any occasion, from birthdays to, well, just about anything we feel like celebrating. We also just visit on random Mondays just because. I guess what I’m trying to say is we’re obsessed with this place.

We dined at Joe’s last week, and Kathleen finally took pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) and wrote all about our favorite D.C. dining experience. To read our full Joe’s review, click right here!

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How to Spend a Perfect Week in Paris

The Cafe Les Deux Magots in Paris, France

Last November, we spent Thanksgiving week in Paris. Our first trip to Paris wasn’t much of a success, so we were damned and determined to get it right this time. How’d we do this? We limited the number of sites to see each day, we slowed our pace of life to be more Parisian, and, above all, we ate really, really well!

Our week in Paris turned out to be our favorite trip yet precisely because we didn’t try to do too much. We explored the streets of the charming Marais, toured a few historic sites, spent a lot of time sipping French wine in quiet cafés, and ate a ton of delicious French classics at quintessential Parisian bistros. Want to see the way we like to experience Paris? Check out our travelogue right here!

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An Italian Feast of Epic Proportion

A picture of our Sunday Gravy Italian feast.

The last week or so has been particularly stressful. People deal with stress in different ways—some people (i.e., weirdos) exercise, some people throw themselves into their creative outlets, and some people, like us, eat. And when I say eat, I mean consume a meal of such magnitude, such grandiosity, and such epic deliciousness, it can’t help but be cathartic. That’s the kind of meal we enjoyed this weekend.

The meal in question was an Italian extravaganza unmatched in recent memory. Was there an epic gravy that cooked for five plus hours? Hell, yes, there was! Did the gravy in question include more than two kinds of meat? Damn straight! Was there fine imported Italian cheese and quality Italian wine? Bet your ass!

Over on our Recipes Page, we just posted the details of this memorable meal. We included two recipes: a recipe for Italian peppers stuffed with sausage and cheese, and a recipe for the finest Sunday Gravy you’ll ever experience. Click right here to go read all about it, and then make it the next time you’re in need of a life-affirming, mind-blowing, cathartic food experience.

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Brabo Restaurant: Old World Cuisine in Old Town Alexandria

A table of various appetizers at Brabo Restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia
The start of our French feast.

It goes without saying that we love to discover new restaurants. Hell, we’ve devoted an entire website to writing about food. Apart from the joy of discovery, though, I sometimes feel like kicking myself after enjoying a good meal at a previously untried spot. It may be stupid, but sometimes I think to myself, man, how could we have missed out on this for so many years? Think of all the meals we could have been enjoying here during all that time! I guess we’ll have to make up for it now by visiting like a hundred times over the next few months. This is roughly how I felt after our recent visit to Brabo Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria.

Over on our Restaurants Page, we just posted our review of this spot for classic French cuisine. The food was exceptional, and the cocktails, if it’s possible, were even more so. We tried about half the menu, so go check out our full review to see just how much we loved this old world, Old Town gem.

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