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Hi! We are Paul and Kathleen—two DINKs living outside D.C. with a passion for embracing life’s good times. For us, that means spending our time together, eating, drinking, cooking, traveling, and exploring new places.

We haven’t always had the means to do this. As two “elder millennials” we’ve lived through the failed promises of higher education, un-and-under employment, housing market instability, political uncertainty, government shutdowns, and the inability to “do what we love” as our chosen careers. This blog is a testament to figuring out what you value, taking risks, exercising creativity, and sharing great experiences with the people you love (and internet strangers).

This site is a community for food-centric travelers and adventure-driven cooks. We want to hear from you. Want to recommend a place we haven’t been? Tell us about a recipe we have to try? Let us know what a great job we’re doing? Comment or drop us a line here.






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