Quarantine Cooking: Savory Dutch Baby

Dutch Baby
*Linda Belcher voice* Awww, little Dutch Baby!!!

Like so many others, we’ve been spending our time in quarantine cooking up a storm. I mean, what the hell else are we going to do, exercise? Hahahahahahahaha.

Kathleen has really used this quarantine to take her cooking to the next level. We’ll be sharing her successes here on this site, as soon as I can fight through my inate laziness and actually commit to writing it all down. It’s far easier to, you know, just eat it.

One of the first things Kathleen made back when this all started was a delicious savory Dutch Baby. We had it for dinner, but feel free to make it for breakfast, brunch, or even a midnight snack. Time has lost all meaning now anyway, may as well embrace the new normal.

To learn how to make this cheesy masterpiece, check out the recipe right here!

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