Take a Luxury Cruise and Ruin All Future Regular Cruises

The bed and in-room hot tub in the Haven Spa Suite on the Norwegian Getaway Cruise Ship
Is that an in-room hot tub? Why, yes, yes it is!

First off, my apologies for the months and months with no new postings here—I’m sure you’ve all been absolutely despondent without our regular updates. Some health challenges, job changes, and general laziness on my part have all contributed to our massive slowdown. But we’ve still been traveling, and we’ve damn sure still been eating, so we have plenty of content for you to enjoy. I will (try to) do better from here on out.

Our first post after a three-month dry spell should be epic, and believe me, it is that. In January of 2019, we splurged on a cruise in Norwegian’s ultra-luxurious Haven ship-within-a-ship experience. The perks were many, including that insane in-cabin hot tub pictured above. Did it spoil us for all future non-Haven cruises? Hell, yes. But it was so, so worth it!

So if you’d like to see what luxury cruising is all about (we even had a butler!), check out our full review of our favorite cruise ever by clicking right here!

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