Halloween in Georgetown at Filomena Ristorante

The cannoli at Filomena Ristorante in Washington, D.C.
The incredible cannoli at Filomena Ristorante.

Yes, I know this should have been posted several weeks ago when it was actually Halloween. For one, we’ve been traveling, and for two, I’ve been lazy. In any case, we’re back at it now.

We’d been meaning to try Filomena for some time, thanks in large part to friends of ours who are absolutely obsessed with the place. They made it sound so good we knew we’d have to try it eventually, but getting out to Georgetown can be such a pain in the ass. Thankfully, last month we finally managed it, and it was definitely worth the effort.

Let me tell you something, though: when you go, prepare to eat! I left this meal feeling more full than I’ve felt after any meal my entire life. We didn’t even order a ton, but the portion sizes were just out of control! As for the quality, we enjoyed everything, with the exception of the red sauce. It was wayyyyyy too sweet, and I would order pretty much any non-tomato-based sauce instead on future visits.

But, holy shit, their desserts are totally insane. Do. Not. Skip. Dessert! The next time we visit we will probably split an entrée just to be sure we both have room to eat as much dessert as possible.

To read our full review, and to check out just how much they decorated for Halloween, click right here!

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