An Italian Feast of Epic Proportion

A picture of our Sunday Gravy Italian feast.

The last week or so has been particularly stressful. People deal with stress in different ways—some people (i.e., weirdos) exercise, some people throw themselves into their creative outlets, and some people, like us, eat. And when I say eat, I mean consume a meal of such magnitude, such grandiosity, and such epic deliciousness, it can’t help but be cathartic. That’s the kind of meal we enjoyed this weekend.

The meal in question was an Italian extravaganza unmatched in recent memory. Was there an epic gravy that cooked for five plus hours? Hell, yes, there was! Did the gravy in question include more than two kinds of meat? Damn straight! Was there fine imported Italian cheese and quality Italian wine? Bet your ass!

Over on our Recipes Page, we just posted the details of this memorable meal. We included two recipes: a recipe for Italian peppers stuffed with sausage and cheese, and a recipe for the finest Sunday Gravy you’ll ever experience. Click right here to go read all about it, and then make it the next time you’re in need of a life-affirming, mind-blowing, cathartic food experience.

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