Travelogue: Discovering the Food Paradise that is Richmond, Virginia

A view of Richmond, Virginia at dusk

If you like food, have I got a new must-visit destination for you! If you like Southern food, in particular, you should just drop your computer or phone or whatever and go get in the car right now. Where, then, is this land of undiscovered culinary delight? It’s about two hours south of us in Richmond, Virginia.

We recently spent four nights in Richmond over the 4th of July holiday weekend, and it left one hell of a lasting impression. If only there existed a high-speed train to more easily get us to D.C. for work, we’d be making plans to move to Richmond right now. We ate well and often, we drank more quality cocktails and ciders than I can easily recall, and we stayed at a grand hotel so nice that words hardly do it justice.

Thankfully, Kathleen is great with words, and she recently wrote all about our trip to Richmond. Click right here to read our latest travelogue and learn why this underrated city should be at the top of your culinary travel wishlist!

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