Travelogue: Cruising to Bermuda, Including Where to Eat in Bermuda and Where to Eat Aboard the Norwegian Escape Cruise Ship

A view of Bermuda from aboard the Norwegian Escape Cruise Ship

Over on our Travel Page, we’ve just posted our latest travelogue of our recent cruise to Bermuda aboard the fantastic Norwegian Escape cruise ship. Bermuda is a unique cruise destination. Unlike other port stops, ships dock in Bermuda for several days allowing time for extended exploration. Of course, for us, this meant extended time to find some of Bermuda’s best food!

Check out this extensive travelogue to discover where to find the best Bermuda fish chowder, the best way to tour historic St. George, and where to find the best food at sea aboard the Norwegian Escape. As a bonus, we spent two days in New York City pre-cruise, where we created our own Brooklyn pizza tour. So if you’ve ever considered cruising to Bermuda, go check out our ten plus pages of notes and photos, and get ready to discover this beautiful and delicious destination!

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