Restaurant Review: Delia’s Mediterranean Grill and Brick Oven Pizza | Alexandria, VA

Pizza at Delia's Brick Oven Pizza in Alexandria, VA

Over on our Restaurants Page, we write reviews of our favorite places to dine out. These have included some of D.C.’s hottest spots and restaurants by celebrity chefs. Not to be overlooked, though, are local neighborhood gems that, while they may not have the caché of big-name restaurants, can still be excellent go-to options.

In our review of Delia’s Brick Oven Pizza, I write about our recent discovery of one of our new favorite neighborhood joints. I also opine on the idea of giving restaurants more than one chance to impress, as our first experience at Delia’s was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Check out the review to read about our experience, and to discover, as we did, the surprising dishes (including some of the best octopus you’ll ever eat) that this “pizza place” has to offer.

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