A Recipe for A Vegetable Dish I Don’t Hate

Fried zucchini patties

Over on our Recipes Page, I just did the unthinkable: I posted a recipe for an exclusively vegetable dish. What the hell’s gotten into me?

My struggle with vegetables is well-documented among my friends and family. Despite loving food and wanting to experience a wide range of cuisines, I’ve had an aversion to veggies for as long as I can remember. This has only recently started to improve, thanks in large part to Kathleen’s help in finding vegetable preparations that don’t completely revolt me.

My favorite of Kathleen’s attempts to feed me vegetables is probably this recipe for fried zucchini patties. I can give it no higher praise than this: you won’t even know you’re eating vegetables! If you’re vegetable-averse, like I am, go make some of these and prepare to be delighted.

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