Travelogue: Our Two Weeks in France, Spain, and Italy

The Arch de Triomphe in Paris, France

There’s nothing quite like your first trip to Europe. For us, it took months of planning, multiple changes to our itinerary, and a great deal of narrowing down where to visit (wanting to experience it all). The result: a two-week whirlwind through France, Spain, and Italy, including a seven-night Mediterranean cruise aboard the Norwegian Epic.

Over on our Travel Page, we’ve posted our travelogue of our first European adventure. There you’ll find over ten pages of notes from our trip, dozens of photos, and, of course, many, many food recommendations. Want to do a food tour in Paris? We’ve got you covered! How about a food tour in Rome? We’ve got that too! Plus, don’t miss my favorite travel story to date. Join us as we experience some of the worlds greatest cities for the first time.

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