Our Neighborhood Just Got an Awesome New Seafood Restaurant and I’m Pumped About It

Garlic butter grilled oysters at Whiskey & Oyster in Alexandria, VA

Our neighborhood, the Carlyle section of Alexandria, doesn’t have a lot in the way of restaurants. It’s been primarily a commercial zone, populated with chains and lunch spots designed to satisfy the nearly 10,000 people who come to work here each day.

That’s started to change, though, as more and more residences pop up in the surrounding area. It’s now becoming less necessary to make the 30 minute walk to Old Town in order to have a good meal. We got a new French bistro this summer (review to come), and, most exciting of all, a new spot for seafood and whiskey just opened up a short walk away from our apartment.

Whiskey & Oyster is just as the name implies; they serve oysters in a variety of preparations, and they have a whole crap load of whiskeys on offer. We dined there for the first time last weekend and wrote a full review of our experience. We will undoubtedly be back often. Welcome to the neighborhood, Whiskey & Oyster!

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