Welcome to Our New Website!

Kathleen and Paul in Tuscany
Us, living the good life.

Welcome to our very own travel and food website, Food & DINK! We’re focused on writing about what matters to us most. By this, of course, I mean food…and travel…and traveling to eat more food.

On our Travel Page you’ll find long-form, day-by-day reviews of our various journeys; our Restaurants Page is where you’ll find reviews of some of our favorite places to dine out; and if you head to our Recipes Page you’ll find info on how to make some of our favorite food creations.

Sometimes—and I know this will be hard to believe—we think about stuff other than food. When that rarity happens, we may post about it right here on this blog.

We have traveled to a lot of places and eaten at a lot of restaurants. This will naturally take us a good deal of time to organize and post here, so be sure to subscribe below to receive notifications when we post new content. Bon appétit!

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